Taylor Swift, Not “Mean”

Papa John’s and Chegg had a contest to bring Taylor Swift and a $10,000 gift to a school.  Well Internet Bully websites, thought it would be funny to vote for the Horace mann School for the Deaf in Boston….ok wait for it, they are Deaf.  Because of the prank they were disqualified.  Taylor heard about it and donated personally $10,000 as did her tour sponsors which brought the total in money to $50,000.  VH1 donated $10,000 in musical instruments (still having to think about that) but all students get tickets to her next show in the Boston area. 

I understand giving the money….don’t understand the instuments and tix….can someone explain it to me?  and yes I know Beethovan was deaf at age 5

PC patti@wqsb.com