Aprentice With All Your Favorites

The cast of the next Celebrity Apprenctice is bringing back your favorites as contestants and advisors.  Here are just some that was announced this morning:

Trace Adkins, Brett Michaels, lil Wayne. Penn of penn and teller, Dee snider, Gary (crazy) Busey, Steven Baldwin, Lisa Renna, Dennis Rodman, Marilu Henner, Amorosa is back and that should be interesting as her fiance just died.  sorry Amorosa…some of the advisors will be John Rich, Joan Rivers Piers Morgan and Arsenio Hall.  This ought to be fun as there are several rivalries on this show.  We watch this show and run from whatever part of the house we might be in to each other and sing “Money can drive some people out of their minds””  Thanks Donald.

Just curious….what happened to running for President?   PC patti@wqsb.com