$ Secret Sound 2015 $

The WQSB SECRET SOUND CONTEST is back…with more $$$$…more sounds and more chances to listen to win!!
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Contest numbers: 256-878-8000 or 800-233-1051

Secret Sound #1: Pouring uncooked macaroni into a glass bowl. WINNER: Sandy Blalock $525.00
Secret Sound #2:
Donkey Kong. WINNER: Carolyn Fields $175.00
Secret Sound #3:
Spraying air freshner from an aerosol can. WINNER: Garret Haney $175.00
Secret Sound #4:
Stepping on a pine come. WINNER: Darby Bryant $650.00

We will be playing the Secret Sound Contest #4 today at (4/21/2015):

7:10 am with Barry, Al & Mary…No Winner….Opening a bag of chips
8:50 am with Barry, Al & Mary…No Winner…Crumbling up a aluminum can
9:50 pm with Mike Alan
12:50 pm with Mike Alan
2:50 pm with Rod Sisco
4:20 with Rod Sisco
8:20 pm with Blake Clark After Dark.

Incorrect Answers from Monday, April 20th, 2015

7:10 am with Barry, Al & Mary…No Winner….A change machine
10:20 am with Mike Alan…No Winner…Using a hand saw
1:35 pm with Mike Alan…No Winner…A washing machine
3:20 pm with Rod Sisco…No Winner…Jumping on a trampoline with rusty springs
4:50 with Rod Sisco…No Winner…Pulling a handle on a candy machine & shaking it to get the candy out
7:50 pm with Blake Clark After Dark…No Winner…Unfolding a plastic tarp