Mariah Carey’s Idol Trip To Hell

With one season of judging the famous American Idol TV show under her belt and not another to come, Mariah Carey has recently spoke out about how working the competition was “hell”. On Tuesday she told Hot 97 that her experience was like  “going to work every day in hell with Satan.”

Everyone knows about Carey’s famous feud with Nikki Minaj that was carried on throughout season 12, but before continuing the interview, Carey laughed about the situation saying, “Nah, I’m just playing. It didn’t affect me that much — I was just disappointed,”

According to Carey, she was the first to sign on as a judge for the season. Only expecting a three person panel, Carey said the show wasn’t what she thought it would be. However, she did enjoy working with the contestants saying,

“I loved the contestants. And some of them that were so good — and really good people, you could tell — it was disappointing when they would, for political reason, not put people through. I’m like, ‘I don’t need to sit here and do this.’ I would prefer to just put this person in the studio, record a record with them. Or tell another producer, ‘Yo, you should produce this artist because they’re beautiful, they can sing, they’re talented.’ ”

Carey states that she is looking forward to doing her own thing on the road and studio.

Author: Erica Freeman

Source: USA Today