Black Friday Run

So, Black Friday is upon us, but it feels like things are a little less chaotic this time around. A lot of stores had opened on Thanksgiving and then staying open through Black Friday. In a lot of locations people didn’t seem as rushed.

WQSB’s very own, Mary Kate, ┬áhad a chance to go out this morning to see the supposed madness “first hand,” and as she came back it didn’t seem things were as frantic as they ┬áhad been in previous years.

Granted, there are other ways to score sweet deals without having to deal with the pushing and shoving of crowds. In a recent poll conducted by IPSOS it seems that %75 of shoppers plan to do either “some” or “all” of their shopping online.

SO, will you brave the crowds this weekend or will you reside in the comforts of your home and internet connection?