New Year’s Snack Attack

With the holiday’s comes really good food. For those that want to live the healthy lifestyle the holiday’s can prove to be a challenging one. However, I like to live by a plate I had seen in a well known Southern restaurant that simply states,”Holiday calories do not count.” So, here are the top 5 worst items we can consume while bringing in the New Year.

  1. Deep-fried salad
  2. Lardburgers
  3. Butter shooters
  4. Bacon grease soup
  5. Egg yoke shakes
Personally, most of these don’t sound like the best. I’ll take a well cooked burger or steak any time of the year. Have you tried any of these? And if so would you recommend some of these items to a friend or family member? Shoot me a response at the email link below.

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