Morning Mix Rewind 1/15/2014

  • Congratulations to today’s birthday winner………..Gina Louise Diggs who turns 54 today!
  • Today’s Brain Buster……….

    Researchers say that THIS is the best drink to rehydrate after a workout.  It’s not water, and it’s definitely not an energy drink.  What is it?

    ANSWER: Watermelon juice!  It’s high in amino acids and regulates your heart rate.

    Congratulations to Kaitlin Logan of Gadsden for getting it right!

  • We sent the Morning Mix straight into the toilet this morning with some results of a new survey about bathroom habits among newlyweds……and which ones annoy the guys and the girls about their new spouse……..
 Women’s pet peeves about sharing bathrooms with their mates including:
· 56% finding beard stubble left in the sink
· 42% waiting too long for him to clear the room
· 42% finding the toilet seat up
· 35% discovering spritz on the seat, floor or rugs due to his bad aim
· 14% having their razors borrowed
Men’s gripes about their gals include:
· 48% finding female hair shed all over everything
· 39% being yakked at while trying to have a nice quiet sit down
· 42% having to clean gobs of women’s hair out of the drains
· 28% being coated by clouds of hairspray
Both sexes resented mates who:
· 47% left soiled clothes dumped on the floor
· 37% who never clean out the toilet bowl
· 37% who never replace the toilet paper roll

What did the Morning Mix family say annoyed them about their spouse’s bathroom habits on Facebook?  LISTEN HERE TO FIND OUT!