Power 107.5 Rewind

February 24, 2014

  • We had a lot of giveaways this morning and it will be continuing throughout the week. Over the next few days 12 pairs of tickets for Cottontail’s Village at the BJCC are up for grabs. We’ll be giving away these tickets on The Early Show over the next few days.
  • This morning we brought DJ Extraordinaire, Dee Miller, into the studio for some opinions on this new coffee craze. The new coffee has been labeled as bulletproof coffee and the main ingredient for this caffeine pick-me-up is butter. Butter? Hmmm… automatically this doesn’t sound too appealing to some of us at the Power 107. 5 studios. Dee doesn’t necessarily drink coffee, but even to him this sounds a little outlandish. And it doesn’t seem like Linda Conner is too willing to give this a try either. However, Cliff ┬áis usually pretty open to new things. Maybe he’ll become the guinea pig for this caffeinated experiment?
  • Also, we would like to say congratulations to our “Milk and Cookies” office of the week, Rehab Select in Albertville. Remember, if you want to enter you can give us a call at 256-878-1448 or you can enter on our website at www.power1075fm.com.