Dew Destination 2015

Northeast Alabama, Where do you DEW?  Water Skiiing on The Coosa River or swimming at Guntersville Lake?

Mountain Dew and WQSB wants to know where and how you enjoy spending time in Northeast Alabama. Simply visit a local tourist destination in Northeast Alabama and snap a photo of you and your friends enjoying Mountain Dew.

Log in to our contest site and upload your local DEW DESTINATION photo for your chance to win a weekly prize package from Mountain Dew and $50 in cash from WQSB.

Week #1: Clay Minor, “Bow Fishing at night with some Dew”
Week #2: Joe Kelley, “Welding with some Dew”
Week #3: Justin Nash, “Drinking some Dew at Cherokee Rock Village”
Week #4: Katie Webb, “Cheerleading With Some Dew”
Week #5: James Franklin, “Smokey the Bloodhound chugging some Dew.”
Week #6: Cassaundra Anderson, “Drinking Some Dew at the Zoo”
Week #7: Gary Webb, “Wrapping up the school year and drinking some Dew.”
Week #8: Kelly Hyde, “Hitting cancer out of the ball field for Carey Farmer.”
Week #9: Will Clark, “Great friends playing on the creek.”
Week #10: Natashia Hilley, “Kayaking on Big Wills Creek with some Mt. Dew.”
Week #11: Stacey Parker, “Dewing  family time at Spring Valley Beach.”
Week #12: Debbie Chandler, “Ellie the monkey enjoying her Mtn. Dew.”
Week #13: Paul Moultrie, “Skiing on Lake Guntersville with an American Flag and drinking a Mt. Dew.”
Week #14: Crystal Phillips, “Jumping In The Pool with some Mtn Dew.”
Week #15: Jodi Brogdon, “New mommy drinking Mtn Dew after giving birth to baby girl.”
Week #16: Maddie Sanders, “Saving Lives with Mtn Dew at the Boaz Pool.”
Week #17: Adria Spain, “Riding the Water Slide & Drinking Some Dew.”
Week #18: Charlotte Chamblee, “Big Spring Lake Teacher Getting Ready fort School Enjoying Some Dew.”
Week #19: Erin Eubanks, ” Up To My Neck In Mtn Dew.”
Week #20: Fran Romano, “The Docu-Crew Does the Dew.”
Week #21: David Parker, “Riding the trails with some Dew.”