Pathologist disagrees with state’s cause of death on Hardin

A forensic pathologist disagrees with the state’s cause of death in the Joyce Garrard case.

Authorities have accused Garrard of forcing her nine-year-old granddaughter to run as a form of punishment.

Savannah Hardin ultimately collapsed and died three years ago.

Emily Ward has described Hardin at the time of death as dehydrated with low sodium levels because of not having enough water to drink.

Testifying for the defense, Jim Lauridson says he believes Hardin’s sodium levels had dropped because she had too much water in her system. He says she did not suffer from dehydration.

Additionally, Lauridson says he would have ruled Hardin’s death as undetermined, not as a homicide as the state sees it.

Nevertheless, he says Hardin would not have died had she not run for extended periods of time.