Alabama Chocolate Festival Treasure Hunt

We’ve had 1 $1,000 winner guess correctly where the treasure was hidden, but guess what? We will hide the treasure one more time and give away ANOTHER $1,000!!! First clue is below, clue #2 tomorrow morning, Friday, March 24th.

CONTEST: 2017 Alabama Chocolate Festival Treasure Hunt

PRIZE: $1000 *prize payable by check at the Alabama Chocolate Festival on April 1st*

START DATE: 3-20-2017

END DATE: 3-31-2017 or until there is a winner

HOW TO PLAY: Listen to WQSB, MIX 102.9 & POWER 107.5 fm for clues and the right time to be caller #10. Caller #10 will then be asked on-air for their guess of where they believe the treasure is hidden. If the guess is incorrect, the contest will continue the next day where another clue will be provided. If the caller has the correct guess, the contest is over. This is an on-air contest only, it will not involve digging or searching Rainbow City, AL. You will only be asked to call in your guess. The $1000 cash prize is payable to the first legitimate contest player with the correctly named treasure location. 

INELIGIBLE: Employees and immediate family members of Sand Mountain Broadcasting and contest sponsors are not eligible to win.

Listen To Call In & Play:
MIX 102.9 between 6 a.m. – 7 a.m.
POWER 107.5 FM between  7 a.m. – 8 a.m.
WQSB between 8 a.m. – 9 a.m.

Alabama Chocolate Festival 2017
       Saturday, April 1st
Treasure #1

Clue #1: 3/20/17  To find this treasure, you may need to phone a friend.
Clue #2: 3/21/17 Everybody loves waterfront property, but this river is not in view.
WINNER 3/22/2017
Jessica Causey of Gadsden, correctly guessed the treasure was at the “Rainbow City Police Department.”

Treasure #2
Clue #1: 3/23/17
This treasure’s a grand, and that is true. Here is your first shot at number 2.
Clue #2: 3/24/17
A map they say could hold the clue, it points the way for me and you.
Clue #3: 3/27/2017
Bake the bees and you are getting close. Come the holidays, this pig’s toast.
Clue #4: 3/28/2017
You once could gain, but now you lose. Grab this treasure before you cruise.
WINNER 3/29/2017
Jason Brooks of Albertville, correctly guessed treasure #2 was at the “Rainbow Crossing” in Rainbow City.