Toddler Critical After Dog Attack

Dog attack in DeKalb county. A 4-year-old boy is in critical condition. Happened yesterday morning near Justice Street in Crossville. He was attacked by the family dog — then airlifted unconcious to Birmingham. Dogs have been a problem at the home before, cops have been called in the past. 15 dogs have now been taken from the property, the family charged with operating an unlicensed shelter. Police say the boy was attacked inside the house — an adult was there — but it was a brutal attack with severe bites to the boy’s face. One officer said he wasn’t prepared for what he saw.

Lottery Bill Passes Committee Vote

Lottery watch. A state house committe approves a lottery bill. Now it goes to the full house. The vote did not com in time to get the issue on the ballot for November. So, if the house gives its ok, the governor has said, there could be a special election. Governor Bently wants a big chunk of the gambling money to be used for financing medicare in the state.

Prisoners Break Rules, Broadcast Live From Holman Prison

Somebody is not paying attention to inmates at maximum security Holman prison. WBRG TV found prisoners broadcasting live on Periscope — a social media site — using cell phones smuggled into the prison. It’s against the law for prisoners to even have cell phones. On Periscope, they were pretty open about it — didn’t seem to worry about being caught.

Two Arrested In Decatur Killing

Murder in Decatur, about midnight Sunday.

Two brothers found shot at a home on Danville road. 19 year old Braxton Edwards dead at the scene. His 23 year old brother Cameron rushed to the hospital. Not sure of the motive in the shootings, but two men were arrested and charged with murder and assault. Darrin Samone Wilkes of Huntsville and Terrance Shaquille Ellison of Harvest. They’re locked-up in the Morgan County jail without bond.

Military Vet In Stand-Off, Kills Himself

In Russellville, a veteran said to have mental issues was in a stand off with police. Officers say he set the house on fire and killed himself. Man’s name not given. Happened at Wilson Blvd and Tim Street. The man held his grandfather hostage then let him go. When the house went up in flames, officers went in and found the 28 year old was dead.

Lawmakers and Lottery -- Debate Starts Monday

Alabama lawmakers start a special session Monday and they’ve got gambling on their mind. They will debate whether to go along with the governor and approve a lottery. Of course, if they do, voters would still have to give their approval. The idea faces long odds of getting passed by the legislature

New State School Supt Picked

Alabama’s next school supt — some might call a Yankee. He was the former Massachusetts education secretary selected over candidates who have worked in the state school system. It took several rounds of voting Thursday morning before members of the state school board finally picked education consultant Michael Sentence for the job.

Coroner Takes Plea Deal For Ripping Off The Dead

Etowah county’s coroner will not do jail-time for stealing pain pills from dead people. Michael Head pleaded guilty and resigned as part of a plea deal. He gets two years of probation. Head’s 26 year old son is also facing drug charges. His case is still pending.

Woman Attacked Making Online Sale

Another case of someone robbed and hurt — after trying to sell something online. In Athens, a woman posted her cell phone for sale. She met a potential buyer at 5th and Jefferson — a woman and a man. The woman handed the phone to the man behind the wheel — he wouldn’t give it back and when the woman reached in to get her phone, the guy grabbed her arm and hit the gas — dragging her. She was taken to the hospital — condition unknown. Police remind you, if you agree to meet someone online to do business, meet them in the parking lot of the police station — that’s safer.

Prisoner Skips Out After Funeral

In Decatur — they let a prisoner out of jail to attend a funeral — but he didn’t come back. Morgan County Sheriff’s Department says 50-year-old Wendell Dewayne Thompson was released to family on Saturday after the court agreed to let him serve as a pallbearer. Thompson was locked up for violating conditions placed on him by the drug court. Now, he’ll be charged with escape. He was last seen at the Sharpley Funeral Home in Decatur.

Swiping Drugs From The Dead. Etowah Coroner Charges

Stunning accusation against Etowah County Coroner Michael Head. He’s been arrested, charged with swiping prescription pills from dead people. The sheriff’s office started investigating Head when relatives of a person who died said they saw him taking pills. Head is 52, charged with stealing prescription meds and his son is in trouble too. 26 year old John Simon Head — with a history of drug charges — was arrested again at this father’s house for having meth and heroin

Blount County Man Gets 30 Years

A Blount County man gets 30 years in prison for going more than 100 miles per hour and causing a wreck back in 2014 that killed one of his passengers. 25-year-old Tyler L. Reynolds was sentenced Wednesday after a jury convicted him of reckless murder in the death of 20-year-old Melissa Gilbert of Remlap. The crash occurred at about 1:15 a.m. on June 1, 2014 in Oneonta when the vehicle ran off the road hitting trees and rolling a few times.

Bentley Calls Session For Lottery Bill

Gov. Robert Bentley wants you to gamble away some of your money on lottery tickets to help the state raise money. Bentley calling the legislature into special session — asking them to approve a bill that would put the lottery on the ballot. It’ll be a fight. Voters in the state have said NO to a lottery in the past

Prison Guard Caught Smuggling Drugs

Smuggling drugs in a Bible. A jail guard in Florence charged with putting bad stuff in the Good Book and sneaking it to prisoners. 32-year-old Kenneth Lee Lawson of Florence was arrested Saturday after some other officers found the narcotic Suboxone hidden in the Bible.

Bentley Goes Before Grand Jury

Gov. Bentley has testified before a grand jury which is stunning news. It confirms a criminal investigation into his behavior that could result in charges being filed against him. The Alabama Attorney General’s office put the grand jury together — the AG’s office not commenting on the case. Meantime, legislators meet again this week to continue efforts to impeach the governor over his relationship with a former aide that led to his wife divorcing him.

Six Finalists For Job Of Alabama School Chief

Six names make the final cut for the job of Alabama’s school supt. The finalists include three local school superintendents. On the list, Bill Evers, a researcher at Stanford University; Dee Fowler, superintendent of Madison City Schools; Craig Pouncey, superintendent of Jefferson County Schools ; Janet Womack, superintendent of Florence City Schools; Jeana Ross, secretary of the Alabama Department of Early Childhood Education; and Michael Sentence, an education consultant.

The State Board of Education will interview the six in August.

Bentley Impeachment Committee Moving Forward

A committee considering the impeachment of Gov. Bentley is moving ahead and they meet Friday to hire a lawyer to lead the investigation. The committee is looking at whether Bentley should be booted from office for a sex scandal involving his former advisor — which led to Bentley’s wife divorcing him.

Alabama Deputy Wounded Answering Domestic Call

Police shootings making news across America — and in Alabama. A deputy in Wedowee was wounded Saturday afternoon. The deputy — who’s name not given — was treated and released. It was a domestic call and investigators say that when the officer arrived, the suspect shot him. Then, the suspect shot and killed himself. He’s been identified at 76 year old Eli Lee.

Local Wendy's Hit By Hackers; Check Your Bank Accounts

Heads-up if you’ve eaten at Wendy’s in Guntersville, Huntsville, Cullman, Jasper, Decatur, Evergreen and Selma. Your bank card information may have been stolen when you paid for that burger and frosty. Wendy’s was hit by computer hackers who stole credit and debit card info. So keep an eye on your accounts, and if you see any suspicious charges, alert your bank. Some Wendy’s in Georgia and Louisiana also hacked.

Decatur Woman Charged With Killing Husband

A Decatur woman is locked-up, charged with shooting her husband to death. Michelle Lee Owens was arrested Sunday when police were called to the home on Lenox Drive yesterday. They found her husband, Lawrence Owens, shot dead. A young boy was at the home when the officers arrived, but no other details given by police. They’re working to learn more about a motive for the shooting.