Election 2014

State Elections:

Governor-R                                                                  Governor-D 

Robert Bentley (Incumbent)    393,659                        Kevin Bass  64,368
Stacy Lee George  25,642                                                    Parker Griffith 113,41
Bob Starkey  21,488

Lt. Governor-R                                                          Lt. Governor-D

Stan Cooke 159,220                                                       James C. Fields
Kay Ivey (Incumbent)  256,424

Secretary of State-R                                               Secretary of State-D

Reece McKinney 139,061                                              Lula Albert-Kaigler
John Merrill  143,154
Jim Perdue  79,666

State Auditor-R                                                        State Auditor-D

Dale Peterson  84,335                                                      Miranda Joseph
Hobbie L. Sealy 34,747
Adam Thompson  64,410
Jim Zeigler  163,173

Public Service Commissioner #1-R  

Jeremy H. Oden (Incumbent)  187,920
Kathy Peterson  171,014

Public Service Commissioner #2-R

Jonathan Barbee  54,047
Christ “Chip” Beeker, Jr  132,896
Phillip Brown  42,885
Terry Dunn (Incumbent)  110,867

State Board of Education District 8 – R

Mary Scott Hunter (Incumbent)  25,133
Mike Parsons  19,204

County Elections:

Blountsville Alcohol Sales

Yes  263
No   172

Etowah County Sheriff-R

Todd Entrekin 6,883
Russell A. Jones 2,611

4th US Congressional District-R

Robert Aderhold (Incumbent)
Thomas E. Drake II

District 30 House Representative-R

Mack N. Butler (Incumbent)  2,201
Robert McKay  1,667

Etowah County Commissioner District 4-R

Lana Gaskin Bellew  735
Randall Green  482
Jeff Overstreet (Incumbent)  1,165

Etowah County Board of Education Place 1-R

Phillip Stone   3,116
Tim Womack (Incumbent)  3,525

Etowah County Corner-R                                              Etowah County Corner-D

Michael Head                                                                              Robin Grant  831
Brandon Martin  1,229

Cherokee County Revenue Commissioner-R

Dustin St. Clair 1,292
Tony Wilkie 1,193

Cherokee County Board of Education, Place No. 5-R

Brian K. Jennings 1,144
BJ Major 466
Rhett H. Walker 884

DeKalb County Revenue Commissioner-R

Royce L. Lader  1,360
Tyler Wilks  3,487

Marshall County Commission District No. 4-R

Tamey Hale 686
Tom Sloan  541
Jessie Swords  951

Marshall County Revenue Commissioner-R

Stephen L. Brookshire  1,192
Gil Bruce  1,551
Alan Graben  1,240
Michael Johnson  2,969
Don Mitchell  2,227

Superintendent, Marshall County Board of Education

Vince Edmonds  2,144
Cindy Saye Wigley  3,213

Marshall County Board of Education, At Large

Terry Kennamer  2,604
Ernest Michael King  998
David A. Wisener 1,333

District 24

Nathaniel Ledbetter  1,427
Billy Hodges   991

District 26

Kerry Rich  2,104
Ginger Fletcher  1,767

District 30

Mack Butler  4,023
Robert McKay  2,802

Oneonta Alcohol Sales

Yes  1,208
No    739

Electricity from Garbage in DeKalb

They had a ribbon cutting for the opening of the biggest power plant in Alabama powered by garbage. It opened this week at the DeKalb County Landfill. Methane gas from the rotting garbage will produce 5 megawatts of electricity, enough to power 3 thousand homes.

Ambulance Robbed of Drugs

While an ambulance was working a call inside a residence on Centre Avenue in Gadsden Wednesday somebody broke into the ambulance and stole all the drugs. Most of the drugs stolen were epinephrine and atropine.

Contractor Pays Back Customer--Fraud Charges Dropped

Now that a contractor has paid back a Boaz woman the money she paid him for work he didn’t complete, home repair fraud charges have been dropped against Phil Chastain Jr. He was hired to repair 20 windows damaged by tornadoes in 2011 but stopped work when he told his woman customer the money had run out. He paid 5 thousand dollars in restitution.

Goodyear Celebrates 85 Years

At Gadsden convention Hall retirees were honored as Goodyear kicked off its celebration of 85 years of production at the plant there. A Union speaker congratulated the employees for making crucial decisions at a couple of times in the plant’s history where if not for agreeing to concessions, the production in Gadsden would have been severely cut back, but agreeing to changes ensured the plant’s future.

Man Charged with Robbing Steele Bank Twice

A Gadsden man is charged with robbing the Peoples Independent Bank of Steele two times. Once this past Monday, and again back in December. When they noticed similarities between the two holdups, they charged 25 year-old Jamichael Hawkins with both.

Military Jumping at Gadsden Airport

Yesterday those near Northeast Alabama Regional Airport in Gadsden were treated to the spectacle of military jumpers hurling themselves out of various military aircraft. It was the finish of a three week training program for officers who will become jumpmasters, training enlisted soldiers how to jump out of aircraft. 64 troops jumped out of a C-130, a Blackhawk helicopter and a Chinoook chopper. Some who jumped are with 20th Special Forces in Birmingham, and Special Forces troops from Camp LeJuene in North Carolina, in addition to those already stationed at the Northeast Alabama Regional Airport.

Man Exhausts State Appeals in Rainbow City Child Murder

Back in 2005 2 year-old Savannah White was very afraid of her mother’s boyfriend, Timothy Scott Boyle, according to her older sister and others. Savannah’s sister says Timothy slapped Savannah around and threw her up against a bathtub. The little Rainbow City girl finally was discovered dead and an autopsy concluded she had been received repeated open handed blows to the death over days or even weeks. Timothy Boyd was found guilty and sentenced to death for Savannah’s murder. Now, this week, the Alabama Supreme Court turned down his last state appeal.

Gadsden Commissions Bat Study

Gadsden is ready to build a new riverfront park in East Gadsden, but before they can begin they have to satisfy the environments and so they hired a consulting firm to do a survey of the 9 acres to see whether it may be a habitat for the endangered Indiana bat. They will check for the kinds of trees the bats like to hang out in. Fish and Wildlife says the site may be a bat habitat in summer, but developing the park shouldn’t be hampered because it would not jeopardize the species.

Juvenile Charged as Adult in Rapes

In Jackson County a juvenile boy is chargedas an adult with raping two girls under the age of 12. 17 year-old Ulises Vincente was taken from the juvenile lockup to the Jackson County Jail charged with rape and sex abuse and child enticement. They say the incidents happened in the Stevenson area and the investigation began after an anonymous tip.

Girl Shot at in East Gadsden

Police in East Gadsden are investigating a report of girl on girl gunplay yesterday in which shots were fired but nobody was hit. An 18 year-old girl told officers she was sitting in her car outside the East Gadsden Community Center when another young woman came up to the group, pulled out a gun and fired two shots into the air and then fired three shots at the 18 year-old. The woman wasn’t hit but there is a bullet hole in her car.

Etowah Turkey Hunter Shot

A 26 year-old turkey hunter was shot by hunting buddies and was hospitalized yesterday morning. The Etowah Sheriff says the man was hunting with a party of friends in the Ball Play area when he was accidentally shot above the shoulders with a shotgun, causing wounds to his face and neck and chest from the turkey shot. His injuries are not life-threatening. And the State Department of Conservation and Natural Resources is carrying the ball in the investigation.

Jackson County Teen Charged with Bringing Air Gun to School

A Jackson County High School student has been charged with bringing a weapon to school last week. Students tipped school authorities that the teenager had an air gun and they confiscated the weapon before police got there. The teen is charged with carrying a concealed weapon as a juvenile.

Steel Bank Robbed Monday

The FBI was called in after a man held up the People’s Independent Bank in Steele yesterday morning. The man walked into the bank on US Highway 11 with a handgun and fled after getting money. Dogs tracked him but lost the scent around nearby railroad tracks and officers think he had a vehicle waiting for him there.

Grandmother Indicted for Death of Grandson

A grandmother in Marshall County has been indicted for running over and killing her 2 year-old grandson while allegedly u nder the influence of prescription medication. Rebecca Elrod of Diana Avenue in Albertville is accused of criminally negligent homicide for running over Brayden Daniel in October of 2012. Arraignment will be in June.

Fort Payne High School Reverses Itself on Latino Boy Rejection

In Fort Payne after the Southern Poverty Law Center advocated for a 17 year-old Latino student turned away from school enrollment twice, pointing out constitutional issues and Alabama law, the schools have enrolled the boy, and will changed school policy to reflect that providing a Social Security number and a birth certificate are not a requirement for enrollment in school.

Neglect of Cattle Charges

After animal control investigators discovered dead and dying cattle on a Jackson County property, they arrested Tracy Skimmer for animal neglect and cruelty. He was charged with 21 counts of cruelty and 9 counts of failing to bury livestock. He was also charged with 3 counts of health-dead animals, which means he allowed dead livestock to decompose in a waterway, contaminating it.

Woman Serving Life for Heinous Murder Wants Parole Chance

In 1982 Judith Ann Neelley helped her husband sexually abuse a 13 year-old girl, shoot her and inject her with drain cleaner and then toss her over a cliff in Little River Canyon. She was sentenced to death but the governor commuted it to life in 1999. But then the legislature passed a law saying a commutation of a death sentence makes the life sentence without the opportunity of parole and made it retroactive to Neelley’s case. Now her attorneys are making the case that a retroactive law cannot make for a great punishment and want the opportunity for parole reinstated.

Etowah Wife Killer Gets Life

4 years ago the body of Carla Smith was found in the trunk of her blue Jaguar on Pump Station Road in Etowah County. Yesterday her husband Tommy Smith was sentenced to spend the rest of his life in prison for killing her, and there will be no parole. The motive was that Carla was planning to divorce him and Tommy didn’t want to part with his wealth.

Model Train Show Saturday

The Coosa Valley Model Railroad Association is holding its annual Train Show at Convention Hall Saturday. 5 operating train layouts will be operating at the show from 9 to 4 Saturday. 5 dollars. Kids under 12 free. It also includes admission to Hardin Center, home of the biggest HO scale layout east of the Mississippi, the Coosa Valley Model Railroad. And train vendors and dealers will have 75 tables set up.