Suit Filed Against Fireworks Factory

Suing a fireworks factory. The family of a woman who died in a blast at Ultratech Fireworks in Madison county back in February, is suing for wrongful death. Virginia Marie Sanderson is one of two employees who died in the blast. The suit says the fireworks facility was an unsafe working environment. After the blast, OSHA cited the company for 13 serious safety violations.

Anniston To Pay For Speeding Cop Who Caused Fatal Wreck

Half a million dollars. That’s how much the city of Anniston will pay for the actions of a police officer. Officer Thomas Gassaway was chasing a speeder when he hit a car driven by an 84 year old man who was killed. The victim’s family sued asking 12 million — but they got 500-thousand. The jury determined that officer Gassaway was not running blue lights and siren and that he was speeding. Though the attorney for the city argued Gassaway did switch on the light and was about to activate the siren when the crash happened.

Grocery Home Delivery Service Coming

Groceries delivered. A company caled Shipt — S-H-I-P-T — will start doing home deliveries next month in Huntsville and Madison. Shoppers use a mobile app to pick what they want from Publix — and a SPHIP shopper — will get gather the order and deliver it. Subscription to the service is 99 bucks a year and no delivery charge if you buy more than $35 worth

Guilty In Murder Of Football Coach's Death

Guilty of intentional murder — that was the decision in the case of Jeremy WIlliams of Florence — a jury says he murdered a volunteer football coach two years ago. 27 year old Brioni Rutland coached at Deshler High in Tuscumbia — he was shot, stabbed and thrown into the river. Jeremy Williams tried to claim self defense saying the coach came to collect a gambling debt and threatened violence. Williams to be sentenced in january — could get life.

Teen Charged With Murder

An 18-year-old man who was already in locked-up on another charge — now charged withcapital murder in Birmingham. Jamarlon Edwards accused of the Nov. 7 murder of Justin Poole. Poole was shot while behind the wheel of a car and crashed into a house before he died.

Baby Born With Drugs In Its Blood

Another case of a child coming into the world with drugs in it’s little body. In this case — meth and pot. Etowah sheriff’s office has charged 26 year old Ashley Starr Alford/Ramos with chemical endangerment of a child — sheriff says she admitted smoking weed and using meth while pregnant. Alford/Ramos is in the Etowah County Detention Center on $10,000 bond.

Study: Alabama Poor Need Health Coverage

Hot topic — health care. A study group appointed by the governor says more poor people in Alabama need health insurance. Insurance for the poor, of course, is medicaid. The governor has said he may be open to putting more people on Medicaid – -which can be done under Obamacare — the issue is how the state will pay for it.

Trump And Rubio Coming To The Area

Donald Trump will be in Birmingham Saturday morning at the Civic Center. Doors open at 9, free tickets available online. And another candidate — Marco Rubio — will have a rally on December first in Guntersville at the recreation center.

New Zoning Rules In Albertville

The Albertville City Council on Monday voted to change the current zoning rules. The main change will require new buildings to be set back further from the street. The ordinance approved at Monday’s meeting puts a new set of zoning laws on the books.

Alabama Teen Accused Of Plotting Terror

Alot in the news about terrorism — now word that an 18-year-old here in Alabama has been charged with providing support for an act of terrorism, though we aren’t being given any details on what that means. St. Clair County District Attorney Richard Minor said that 18-year-old Peyton Pruitt of St. Clair County was arrested and charged Friday.

New School For Attalla

New school. The Attalla City School board decides to build Etowah Middle School where the old high school was on Jones street. Architects will draw up the final plans, and the board will pay for the project with borrowed money from selling bonds. Cost of the new school about $5 million dollars.

Lots Of Liquor In Moonshine Raid

Alot of moonshine — 400-gallons — in Sumter county. Cops found that 400 gallon still at a home. 57 year old Reginald Williams of Cuba, Alabama, was arrested. He is charged with five counts of possession of a still and one count of manufacturing moonshine.

Warning About Carjackers

Carjackers in the Birmingham area. Police have issued an alert — that if you get slightly rear-ended by a group of black males — DO NOT get out of your car. Drive for help at a safe location. At least three times lately, the group has rear ended women — and when the person gets out to check for damage, the men pull a gun and steal the car. The latest — yesterday afternoon.

Dishonest IRS Agent Going To Prison

Dishonest IRS agent off to prison for five years. 33 year old Donald Smith worked in Birmingham. He was sentenced to prison for stealing people’s personal information — then filing false tax returns — and getting refunds. Smith reports to prison in February.

Death Row Inmate Wants Evidence Reviewed

A death row inmate is asking the Alabama Supreme Court to take a new look at his case. Lawyers for Bill Kuenzel argue that jurors never heard key evidence that could have proven his innocence because they claim that it was withheld by the prosecutor. Kuenzel facing death for the 1987 killing of a Sylacauga convenience store clerk

Eight Year Old Charged With Murder. Mom Charged Too

Terrible story from Birmingham. An 8-year-old boy is charged with beating a 1-year-old girl to death while they were home alone. Birmingham police got a murder warrant against the boy and the girl’s 26-year-mother — Katerra Lewis for manslaughter in the death of 1-year-old Kelcia Lewis. Police say several children ranging from age 2 to 8 were left home alone while Katerra Lewis and a friend went to a nightclub

Teacher Cuffed For Being Drunk At School

Drunk at school. A Limestone County teacher’s aide was arrested Friday at school — drunk in the hallway school officials say — smelling of booze and threatening to quit. When they got her to jail, 62 year old Carol Hardy blew a .11 — that’s over the legal limit for being drunk. Hardy was suspended from her job.

Trussville Schools Investigated By Fed

Civil Rights Investigation of the Trussville City schools by the Feds. It’s thought to involve a complaint filed by a parent that the former basketball coach bullied players and the complaint says minorities in the Trussville schools are mistreated from students to bus drivers.

Armed Robber Gets Away On Bicycle

Bandit on a bicycle. In Gadsden, a woman says a guy peddaled up on a bike as she pulled into her driveway on Sarah Street. The guy pulled a gun — threatened to kill her and gabbed her wallet. Cash and other items spilled — the gunman grabbed the cash and rode off.

Plenty Of Stolen Cars Found

Gadsden police hit the jack pot on stolen cars — finding nine of them in a storage building on Will Creek Road. Apparently stolen by a car-theft ring working around the east coast. Cops recovered a Jag, Camaro, an SUV and a motorcycle. Charges will be coming both here and in Florida according to investigators.