Lawmakers Hold Lottery Hearing

They’re talking lottery in the legislature. A hearing held Wednesday by a Senate committee, and for the most part, speakers were against it. Joe Godfrey, executive director of Alabama Citizens Action Program, argued that the state would be preying on poor families who spend money they can’t afford, buying tickets and dreaming of the bigtime. Alabama voters have said no to a lottery in the past. But as the state keeps running short of cash, the issue keeps coming up.

Joyce Gerrard Near Death

Joyce Gerrard is apparently near death. She’s the grandmother serving life in prison for killing her granddaughter by making the child run until she collapsed. It was punishment for the girl. Gerrard apparently suffered a heart attack, and she’s on a breathing machine. Relatives quoted in various media accounts say she’s not expected to survive. Gerrard is 50. Her attorney quoted as saying, “We are glad that Joyce’s suffering may finally come to an end. We know that she will be in a better place. She is a Christian woman. She will be in heaven with Jesus Christ her lord and we are all thankful for that.”

Albertville And Boaz Politicians Set Their Pay

Paying politicians. The Albertville City Council talked about how much to pay themselves. Final action set next week. But, council members will go from 600 to 700 dollars a month. Final decision on the mayor’s salary still to come. Right now, the mayor gets $42,500 a year.

The Boaz city council decided not to give themselves a raise. So council members will continue to get $859 a month. The mayor will earn $45,500 a year

Former Rainbow City Cop Can Get Out Of Jail On Bond

He can get out on bond — if he can come up with the money. That former Rainbow city cop accused of first degree sodomy. David Jenkins had been held without bond. A judge decided to set $25,000 cash bond and Jenkins will wear a GPS monitor. It’s not known if he’s made bond yet. The judge refused to dismiss the charge as Jenkins attorney requested. His lawyer says that the woman he’s accused of sodomizing was in a relationship with Jenkins and that Jenkins is not guilty. But the judge said the charges will stand.

Former Rainbow City Police Captain Wants Out Of Jail

A former Rainbow City cop charged with a sex crime wants the charge thrown out and he wants out of jail. An attorney for David Jenkins — who was a police
captain — told the judge that his client was in a relationship with the woman he’s accused of sodomizing. And that he adamantly denies the charge. The judge has not ruled yet. Jenkins was arrested a week ago and he’s resigned from the Rainbow City police department.

Three Year Old Shoots, Kills Sister

A 3 year old boy found a loaded gun at his grandparent’s home and shot his 9-year-old sister to death. Happened in Irondale. Kimberly Reylander died at the hospital. Investigators call it a trafic accident. The grandfather said he didn’t know the grandkids were coming over — he had left the gun on a night stand.

Deputy Shot In Florence, Another Man Wounded

Gunfight Wednesday night in Florence — deputies traded shots with a man they were trying to commit for a mental evaluation. Happened at a house on Ridge Avenue. Deputies were serving a commitment order on 35-year-old Timothy Vincent Murphy. The sheriff says deputies were in the home, Murphy opened fire, hitting deputy Randall McCrary in the chest. McCrary returned fire, hitting Murphy. The deputy expected to mak it, but Murphy’s condition is not known. In all, three deputies on leave now as the State Bureau of Investigation handles the case. Deputy McCrary is also a teacher — teaching law and public safety at the Career Technical Center for Limestone County Schools. Neighbors told reporters that Timothy Murphy — the man who shot the deputy — has caused alot of problems in the neighborhood.

Bentley Wants More Money For Prisons And Education

Governor Bentley is proposing spending cuts because once again the state is not going to have all the money it needs, when the new budget year starts in the fall. The governor also wants to move $181 million in sales tax money from the education budget to the general fund. The governor is also proposing a bond issue to borrow the money to build four new prisons. Right now 24,000 inmates are locked up in facilities meant to hold only 13,000. Bentley also wants to the state to help get more kids in Pre-K, and help students to attend two-year colleges.

Neighbors Helps Catch Break-In Suspects

Neighbors looking out for neighbors. A person spotted a home being broken into in the Painter community and called the law. The observant neighbor saw a man and woman carry items out of one house and go to another house nearby. Deputies searched that house and arrested 31 year old Jami Nicole Spain and 33 year old Benjamin McClain. They found stolen property and a meth lab.

Gas Tax Stays The Same In Piedmont

Gas tax will not go up in Piedmont. CIty council shot down the idea of adding another penny a gallon, in order to come up with money for road work. Right now, Piedmont gets one-cent a gallon from gas pumped inside the city limits.

Bad Weather Threat: School Delayed

Some kids in the area will start school later this morning — because we have a threat of severe weather. Opening two hours later than normal: Etowah County schools, Gadsden City schools and Attalla City schools. Same goes for Cherokee schools. DeKalb county schools will open three hour later than normal.

Threat of bad weather also canceled the basketball game last night in Albertville between Albertville and Gadsden City

And, a tornado touched down in Pickens County Tuesday afternoon. There was storm damage to the federal prison in Aliceville and a few homes damaged. Reports indicate two people were trapped for a time near McMullen plus trees and power lines down.

Ready To Build Bike Lanes In Anniston

Bicycle lanes in downtown Anniston. The state has given the job of building the lanes to Triple J Construction of Crane Hill — they were the lowest bidder — with a total cost: $155,734. Construction on the bike lanes to start in a couple of months.

Rainbow City Cop Locked-Up On Sex Charge

A Rainbow City police officer arrested Saturday and charged with a sex crime but the Etowah Sheriff’s office not giving any informations. 45 year old Capt. David Chase Jenkins is locked-up without bond. Jenkins has been put on leave. But details of the accused crime and the specific charges were not given. The investigation is ongoing.

Florence Police Solve Case With Facebook

In Florence, police used Facebook to crack a case involving a 3-year-old girl who was found roaming the street alone. Police put her picture on Facebook, asking if anyone knew her, and somebody did. That led officers to the child’s mother — who had left the girl with a friend for babysiting. That friend now in trouble — 22 year old LeShevia Harris — charged with endangering the welfare of a child. Harris apparently not paying attention. She had no idea the girl wondered off until she heard from police.

Sick From Carbon Monoxide At Guntersville Park

Several people got sick from carbon monoxide that was leaking in the lodge at Guntersville State Park. Exhaust fans on top of the building apparently stopped working so gas started building up. A hundred people evacuated from the building. Six had to be taken to the hospital. Fire dept set-up to ventilate the building.

Rescue Squad Building Burns In Crossville

The rescue-squad building in Crossville burned up yesterday afternoon. Not sure what caused the fire, but heavy smoke was seen pouring from the building. The fire destroyed three vehicles in the building and burned up the town’s Christmas lights that were stored there.

Stevenson Police Chief Indicted

Police chief in Stevenson arrested, he’s accused of violating the civil rights of a man by beating him. Daniel Winters also indicted for not stopping excessive force being used during an arrest. A federal grand jury indicted the chief. The victim was injured during the arrest, the case is being investigated by the FBI, with assistance from the Alabama State Bureau of Investigation.Chief Winters has been placed on paid leave. And Hester Hollis will be acting chief for now.

Alabama A&M Banned From Post Season Play

Alabama A&M is in trouble. The NCAA says no postseason play the school — in any sport — in the 2016-17 school year. That’s because the school did not provide proper documentation on how student atheletes performed in the classroom for three previous school years. The NCAA says the school can still get its act together and re-submit paperwork that provides all of the required information. If they do, the post season ban could be lifted. The school has until August 15th to give it another shot.

Man Injured In Fall At Noccalula Falls Park

A man fell about 20 feet over an embankment at Noccalula Falls Park in Gadsden Monday. Glenn Ingram was with a representative from the mayor’s office and a consultant — when he somehow slipped. Rescuers lowered a basket by rope and got Ingram out, then he was flown to the hospital. He was talking when rescuers got to him, but hit his head on the way down. Ingram is with the Gadsden Runners Club and is involved in promoting hiking at Noccalula Falls.

Shelter Overrun With Animals

Too many dogs and cats. The animal shelter in Huntsville had hoped to run a special last week and find new homes for the animals. But the winter weather canceled it. So they’ll try a Valentine’s day promotion for adopting dogs and cats.