Huntsville Man Indicted For Forging His Name On Checks

Huntsville man charged with turning stolen business checks into cash. The Feds indicted 28 year old Bernard McKinney. He’s accused of counterfeiting the stolen checks — and changing the name of the person being paid — to his name — then cashing the checks. He got more than $50,000 with the stunt according to prosecutors. McKinney could do a long stretch in prison if he’s found guilty.

Father Charged With Shooting His Baby Daughter

In Huntsville, a baby girl shot to death and her father is charged with pulling the trigger. 34 year old Lionel Francis arrested Friday night. Police say he shot the girl after an argument in the home. He was charged with capital murder after the child died at the hospital.

Teen Killed Crashing His Truck Into Special Needs Bus

Fatal wreck in Etowah county involving a pick-up and a mini bus carrying special needs kids. It happened on Alabama Highway 132 near Warrior Road. The driver of the pick-up died, he’s 16-year-old Trenton Blake Gibbs of Altoona. One adult on the minbus flown to the hospital — there were two kids on the mini-bus and another adult, and they were all taken to the hospital.

Alabama Suing The Feds Over Transgender Bathroom Use At School

Alabama is joining a court fight over school kids and bathrooms. Alabama and 10 other states are suing the Obama administration over transgender students. The Obama education department has told schools
nationwide — that boys who dress as girls, should be allowed to use girl’s bathrooms and locker rooms at school. And if it’s not allowed, federal money could be taken away. So the states are suing to stop the federal requirement.

Governor Wants To Jam Prison Cell Phones

Governor Bentley and nine other governors want to use jamming devices to block prisoners from using cellphones. The phones are not allowed behind bars — but plenty of them are get smuggled into prisons where inmates use them to order crimes to be committed or make calls to intimidate people. Bentley and the other governor’s asking the FCC to allow the use of jamming technology in prisons to block cellphone signals.

Gadsden Has New Police Chief

New police chief in Gadsden, and he’s a familiar face. Capt Lamar Jaggears — who’s been a cop in Gadsden 25 years — will run the dept. He was selected Monday by the Gadsden Civil Service Board. He was one of four candidates from inside the department. Jaggears will replace John Crane who’s retiring. Jaggears grew up in East Gadsden went to Litchfield High School. In addition to Jagears, the board considered Capt. Paul Cody, Lt. Wayne Keener and Lt. Michael Moon

Fifth Grader Accidentally Shot To Death

A 10 year old boy accidentally shot to death in Marshall county Happened Friday on Welcome Home Church Road. Investigators are not saying yet who the boy is or how it happened, but apparently the boy some shot himself since there’s been no immediate indication that anyone else was involved. The boy was a fifth-grade student at Douglas Elementary School

Accused Drunk Driver Kills Three In Huntsville

Huntsville police say a drunk driver in the wrong lane of I-565 killed three people early Thursday. The driver plowed into an SUV killing all three inside — a young mother, her 3 year old son and another man who was 21. They arrested 22-year-old Carai Cortez — charging him with three counts of murder plus drunk driving and driving on the wrong side of the road. His injuries were not serious.

Caught With 100 Stolen Credit Cards

Using stolen credit cards — a lot of them. A 22-year-old woman had more than 100 stolen cards when she was caught in Jefferson county. She’s identified as Dazshona Williams, from N.C.

Police got a call from a bank that a stolen card was being used at a Publix in Hoover. When police got there, the woman was gone. But they got her picture on store security video. Then, with some smart detective work — they figured she’d try to hit another Publix. They were right. She went to the Publix on Valleydale and police caught her and a nearby gas station.

School Bus Driver Accused Of Driving While High

Not what parents want to hear: school bus driver on drugs.
That’s the story in Madison county, a school bus driver arrested for driving the bus while high on something according to State Troopers. 40 year old James Watwood arrested early yesterday after running of the road and hitting a mail box with the bus. No one hurt. He’s charged with driving under the influence of a prescription drug. It’s embarrassing for Madison schools because it turns out Watwood had a prior record — pleading guilty back in 2010 for possession of pain pills. Madison County Schools Superintendent did not take questions from reporters but issued a statement saying Watwood quit and his actions are not acceptable, but the superintendant did not say if the schools had checked his background and or if they knew about Watwood’s prior drug conviction before letting him drive a bus.

Plenty Of Pot Found In Heflin Traffic Stop

Heflin Police bagged alot of pot during a traffic stop. Vehicle stopped for a moving violation, a passenger used a phony name, and police found a stolen gun in his waistband which is illegal because he’s a convicted felon. Then, the driver agreed to a search and officers found just over 40 pounds of pot. Names of the men not given — they’re locked up on bond over a million dollars.

Bentley Signs Abortion Law

Governor Bentley signed a law that could close two of the state’s largest abortion clinics. The new law says abortions can’t be performed within 2,000 feet of K-8 public schools. Supporters of the law say it is meant to shield children from anti-abortion protests. The law also bans a commonly used procedure for abortions done in the second trimester.

Albertville Lawyer Indicted On Child Sex Charge

An Albertville lawyer locked-up on a million dollar bond — charged with sex with a child. Steven Vincent Smith was already charged with child porn now more charges added, including sexually abusing a child younger than 12. He was indicted by a grand jury on that charge Monday. Because he’s well known around the courthouse…Marshall county’s DA stepped aside to let the Etowah County District Attorney serve as special prosecutor.

A mother’s scream — puts a man behind bars. Police in Florence a woman saw a man in van try to lure her kids — she screamed…he drove off, but she got a good description of the guy and his van — as it left the Weeden Heights community. And it didn’t take long for police to find the van — and arrest 56 year old Vester Keith Jackson. He’s locked-up on two counts of interference with the custody of a child on $50,000 bond.

The feds are suing a check cashing company claiming they deceived customers in Alabama and two other state. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau says All American Check Cashing told employees not to let customers from know what fees they would pay when getting a loan.

Gov. Robert Bentley says there may be special session of the legislature to work on Medicaid funding but he says legislators need some vacation time — before he decides whether to call them back. Bentley taking his times, says he’ll decide about a special session in the “next couple of months.”

New law giving more legal rights to grandparents in Alabama…signed into law yesterday by Governor Bentley. The law grants visitation rights for grandparents who have what’s called a “significant and viable relationship” with the child and that the courts find visitation to be in the best interest of the child. A grandparent must prove that he or she was the caregiver for the grandchild on a regular basis for a minimum of six months or that a loss of relationship will cause harm to the grandchild.

No Split Schools For High Schoolers In Madison County

The Madison County school voted no last night to the idea of splitting high schools into two separate schools. The superintendat was proposing to have one school with 9th and 10th graders and another with 11th and 12th graders. But the board decided against it. So plans continue to open schools that each have 9th-12th grade

Huntsville Drug Company Cutting Jobs

Lay-offs. A company in Huntsville that makes generic drugs will cut about 350 employees. Qualitest is reducing its workforce. In all, 740 workers are losing jobs with the company. Besides Huntsville, more than 300 to be laid off at the company’s plant in North Carolina.

Two Sisters Drown

Two sisters drowned Saturday evening while swimming in the Locust Fork River. They were 11 and 13 years old. The girls were swimming with their father according to the Blount County Sheriff’s department, when they were pulled under by the current. A couple of people tried to save them — but they couldn’t. Deputies encourage people — especially kids — to wear life jackets in the water.

Restrictions Passed On Abortion In Alabama

Alabama lawmakers passed several bills as they wrapped up their session including new restrictions on abortion. One bill sent to the governor says abortion clinics can’t be within 2,000 feet of schools, which would force two clinics to close or move — one of them in Huntsville. The other law would ban a common procedure used in abortions done in the second trimester. The governor has until May 14th to decide whether to sign the bills. Also, lawmakers gave teachers a raise and passed a law that says cities and counties in Alabama cannot pass their own minimum wage.

Exploding E-Cig Burns Albertville Teen At School

An Albertville teenager has a big bandage on his right cheek and neck thanks to an E-cigarette. Happened at school…a classmate had the electronic cigarette and the battery blew-up hitting sophormore Easten Brueggert causing burns on his face. School officials not saying alot except that having an e-cig in class could lead to suspension…it is against the rules.

New Decature School Superintendant

New school superintendant. The Decatur City School Board giving the job to Dr. Dan Brigman who was with the Catawba County school system in North Carolina. The board voted five-nothing to hire him. Now, he’ll negotiate his contract to replace Ed Nicholds. Brigman has tried for an Alabama job before. Back in 2011, he was in the running for the superintendant’s job in Huntsville but did not get it

"Trust Me" Says Bentley

Governor Bentley asking Alabama residents to trust him. The governor insisted again Friday that he did nothing illegal while having some kind of romantic involvement with former aid Rebekah Mason.

In telephone calls made public, Bentley talks about kissing and touching her — but he has insisted there was no affair. Now the governor is facing impeachment investigation in the legislature.