Alabama Ranks Low for Aging Quality of Life

Alabama is considered the eighth worst state in the country to grow old in. “24-7 Wall Street” says Alabama has one of the lowest life expectancy rates in the nation. In 2011, 11 percent of senior citizens did not have easy access to nutritious foods, the fifth highest share in the country.

Guntersville Man Caught with Drugs and Money

A Guntersville man has been arrested in a traffic stop and he tried to run away. Police say he tossed drugs onto the ground as he ran and hid 2 thousand dollars in cash in a barbecue grill as he fled, but police found it and caught him. Arrested is 31 year-old Alexander Armmer.

Judge Clears Way for Same Sex Marrige Licenses

US District Judge Callie Granade, who struck down the ban on gay marriage, yesterday issued an order saying probate judges have a constitutional duty to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples as soon as a hold on her order expires next month. After that the Alabama Probate Judges Assocition released a statement that same-sex couples can apply for marriage licenses if the stay is lifted.

3 Counties Suspend Courthouse Weddings

Jackson, Madison and Morgan Counties have ended holding weddings at the local courthouses because they say the state didn’t provide enough money to staff to perform ceremonies. It has nothing to do with the controversy over same sex marriages.

Arraignment in Cold Case Murder

The man charged with murdering his wife 18 years ago in a case gone cold was arraigned this week. Barry Whitton’s wife Michelle by his account went out for breakfast in 1997 and never came home. Her body was found beaten and stabbed and buried in a shallow grave 6 weeks later. After a time he remarried and in 2007 that wife and her young daughter vanished and have never been seen since. Prosecutors think they can pin the first murder on him now, and still have him as their number one suspect in the suspected murder of wife two.

Little River Canyon Closes Winter Camp Sites

Little River Canyon National Preserve usually opens three backcountry campsites for winter use on February first each year. But not this year. The Superintendent says an inspection showed the pit toilets almost overflowing and having the potential to contaminate the surrounding areas. So they will keep the sites closed during cleanup, and announce the opening of other sites sometime soon.

Truck Stolen in Attalla Recovered

Last week a man who works at ACE Hardware in Attala saw somebody driving his truck out of the parking lot and told police it was heading north on Alabama Highway 77. An Attalla officer spotted it and followed as it got on US Highway 278. More police fell in as the truck was followed onto Highway 132 toward Altoona. Then at West End Elementary the truck turned onto Lee Road which police knew is a windy dirt road that is a dead end. The man in the truck went to the dead end, realized he’d run out of road, and ran into woods where he was caught by officers.

Alabama Power Facilitating Shoreline Cleanups

Alabama Power is providing some assistance to people who live on lakes and need to deal with deteriorating piers, boathouse and other lakeside structures. The shoreline supervisor for Alabama Power, Billy Edge, says the company will provide trash removal sites where disassembled structures can be discarded during the annual Renew Our Rivers Cleanups. And the company will waive permit fees to repair or replace old decayed structures with new ones. Find more at

Ex-Scottsboro Teacher Charged with Sex with Student

A former Scottsboro school staffer is charged with having sex with a student. 26 year-old Kandace Christopher of Fort Payne is described on her Facebook page as being a former history teacher at Scottsboro High and a junior high Basketball coach and assistant varsity softball coach.

Valley Head Man Faces Capital Murder Charge

In DeKalb County a Valley Head man was in court yesterday facing a charge of capital murder. Back in August, a man named Daniel Fuller was reported missing, but his family said it was not unusual for him to disappear for long periods of time. But later, Fuller’s body was found in the woods near the Mule Day campground in Ider. Now, Daniel Adam Beaty of Valley Head is formally charged with his murder.

Gadsden Police Engage Drunk Incoherent Man

Gadsden police were called to a report of a truck that knocked over a mail box and the mailbox owner said a woman neighbor helped the driver of the truck into his house after he fell down in the yard. They found a 67 year-old man inside a residence so drunk he could not speak coherently and who told them he was pregnant. He had urinated on himself and could not stand without help. Paramedics were called and he was taken to a hospital.

Albertville Meth Lab Found in Nice Neighborhood

Police conducted a meth bust in an upscale home in Marshall County on Wildhaven Drive near the Albertville Country Club. They said it is unusual to find a meth lab in such a nice upscale area, but not unheard of. Arrested is 48 year-old James Dobbins of Albertville.

Alabama Gay Marriage Ban Struck

Alabama has become the latest state to see the ban on gay marriage fall to a federal court ruling. US District Judge Callie Granade ruled in favor of two Mobile women who sued to challenge Alabama’s refusal to recognize their marriage performed in California where it’s legal. Alabama was among just 14 states remaining where same sex marriage was illegal. The US Supreme Court will decided once and for all in the spring.

Jeff Gordon Calling it a Career

NASCAR fans are reacting to the announcement by Jeff Gordon that he is retiring as a driver after the 2015 season. The 43 year-old Gordon is going out on top, having one of his best seasons in 2014 and winning 4 times, including at the Brickyard 400. Gordon has 92 career Sprint Cup wins and has championships in 1995, 1997, 1998 and 2001. He spent all 23 years in the Number 24 car with Hendrick Motorsports. He is third behind Richard Petty and David Pearson in career victories. He won Daytona three times and the Brickyard 400 5 times.

Mentone Shooter Standoff

In Mentone, deputies responded to a 911 call of shots fired and when the first deputy arrived the suspect in the tree line of the property shot at the police car, hitting it. The deputy returned fire and backed away as backup arrived. The man ran into his house and there was a standoff. Officers were called in from Fort Payne, Hengar, Ider, Sylvania and elsewhere who surrounded the house and caught the man as he tried to escape out the back door holding a tactical knife. Jailed is 51 year-old Carl Jones II.

Random Shooting Damages Property

Somebody appears to have been joyriding and firing shots overnight Tuesday into Wednesday in Gadsden, as bullet holes have been showing up in multiple locations. The window at the bait shop at Gadsden City Boat Dock was hit three times, windows were shot out of two vehicles on George Wallace Drive, and a window was hit at Payless Shoes on East Broad. Other vehicles and a home were hit, too.

Stealing Metal, Trio Sets Fire

In Cherokee County one crime led to another and three are in custody. Police say 21 year-old Adam McGee, 18 year-old Joseph Lindsey and 21 year-old Brittany Crawford from Cedartown Georgia, went to a property off US Highway 441 North to steal scrap metal. But their vehicle got stuck in the mud and as they gunned the engine to try to fee it, the exhaust pipe caught brush on fire and it spread quickly. The fire destroyed several vehicles and a box van and burned a wooded area before it was put out. The trio was caught walking down the road away from the fire.

Photo Catches Burglars

When a resident living on Egypt Road in Etowah County saw a suspicious truck in the neighborhood, the resident snapped a photo, and moments later, the truck pulled out of a neighbor’s driveway and a stolen TV fell out. The neighbor showed the photo to police who were able to put out the description and license plate. They found the truck at a home on Summerville Road and two men hiding inside. Arrested are 32 year-old Rickey Ray Amos, and 26 year-old Zackary McClellan.

Suspect Says He Set Fires Out of Boredom

A 911 call to Etowah emergency reported a fire that burned three structures and a wooden fence on Arthur Street in Gadsden Monday. A teenage witness pointed to a 21 year-old man who earlier had set fire to a cardboard box. The 21 year-old said he tossed the burning box into a shed containing gasoline because he was bored.

Graffiti Taggers Caught Red-Handed

Gadsden police got a call of teens spray painting graffiti Sunday night and stopped four juveniles who denied being involved. But three of the four had paint on their hands the same color as the graffiti. Their parents told police they would make their kids paint the building that was tagged if the owner would allow it.