Exploding E-Cig Burns Albertville Teen At School

An Albertville teenager has a big bandage on his right cheek and neck thanks to an E-cigarette. Happened at school…a classmate had the electronic cigarette and the battery blew-up hitting sophormore Easten Brueggert causing burns on his face. School officials not saying alot except that having an e-cig in class could lead to suspension…it is against the rules.

New Decature School Superintendant

New school superintendant. The Decatur City School Board giving the job to Dr. Dan Brigman who was with the Catawba County school system in North Carolina. The board voted five-nothing to hire him. Now, he’ll negotiate his contract to replace Ed Nicholds. Brigman has tried for an Alabama job before. Back in 2011, he was in the running for the superintendant’s job in Huntsville but did not get it

"Trust Me" Says Bentley

Governor Bentley asking Alabama residents to trust him. The governor insisted again Friday that he did nothing illegal while having some kind of romantic involvement with former aid Rebekah Mason.

In telephone calls made public, Bentley talks about kissing and touching her — but he has insisted there was no affair. Now the governor is facing impeachment investigation in the legislature.

Toddler Drowns In Cullman County Pool

Cullman county — a 2-year-old girl drowned Saturday night in Good Hope. The family noticed the little girl wasn’t around — started looking — and found her in the swimming pool. Cullman Sheriff’s office called it heartbreaking.

Cullman Principals Still In Trouble, But Return To School Duties

Back on the job — but not out of trouble.

The principal and assistant principal at Cullman High School will come back to work Friday — even though tresspassing charges against them have been upgraded. Principal Elton Bouldin and Assistant Principal Mark Stephens went to a student’s home. The boy’s mother says her son had been assaulted at school — but the two men showed-up, went to her son’s room and refused to leave when told to do so. They’re charged with third degree criminal trespass.

Cullman Officer Shoots Suspect

Cullman Police officer shot a suspect last night. Chief Kenny Culpepper says two officers stopped a man who was walking because they thought he was a suspect who drove away from police without stopping the night before.

Culpepper says the man said cops would have to kill him because he would not go with them, then pulled a pistol out of his pocked and one officer shot him. Man’s name and condition not known. Officer who did the shooting not identified

Thrift Store Thieves Caught On Camera

Thieves drove-up and stole items donated to the Rescue Mission Thrift store in Madison. Surveillance show a man, woman and two teens stealing the items — they were driving a green SUV. Items taken would have been sold in the Thrift Store which provides money to operate the Downtown Rescue Mission. Stealing from the mission is a double whammy. It deprives people who need items at a cheap price — and it takes money from the mission. Police working to find out who the thieves are.

Madison School Board Wants To Stop Voters From Picking Superintendants

In Madison County — the Board of Education wants to hire and fire schools superintendant’s without voters being involved. Right now, the superintendant is picked by voters. So the board passed a resolution asking state lawmakers to change that in Madison county so that the board can act without voter input.

Life Sentence In Murder Of 91 Year Old Woman

Life without parole — the sentence for a Huntsville man for killing a 91 year old woman. The judge agreed with the jury that John Clayton Owens should get life for strangling Doris Richardson about five years ago. The DA in the case wanted the death penalty. Owens family claims he’s innocent and says the case will be appealed.

Bentley Being Sued For Firing Collier

More drama involving governor Bentley. Former law enforcement secretary Spencer Collier suing the governor — because he was fired — Collier says it should not have happened. The day after he got the ax, Collier blew the whistle on Bentley, saying he had an affair with advisor Rebekah Mason. Mason ultimately quit and Bentley owned up to talking dirty to her but claims they never had sex

Man Randomly Shoots People At Brooksville Intersection

What made him do it? That’s what investigators are trying to figure out.

A man in a pick-up, wearing a cowboy hat, pulled up to an intersection in Brooksville yesterday morning as people were going to work. He stuck a shotgun out the window and started blasting.

Four people wounded and gunshots hit cars and buildings. Police showed up — the man sped-off but traded shots with officers. He finally wrecked his truck, kept shooting — and officers killed him. His name not yet given. Those wounded expected to recover.

Police from Arab, Cleveland, Guntersville, and Snead assisted the Blount County Sheriff’s office

Decatur Man Dies Waiting For Hospital Bed

In Decatur, a shoplifting suspect in police custody died in the the emergency room — while waiting two hours for a bed. State agents now looking into the death of 26-year-old Justin Lee Dunn, who was arrested at a store by Decatur police and later taken to the hospital when he got sick. A police spokesman says medical workers check-in Dunn, took his temperature and checked his vital signs, then sent him to the waiting room. By the time a bed opened up he was dead.

Florence Officer Shot In The Face; Suspect Commits Suicide

The Florence police officer who was shot in the face Sunday morning is officer Brian Berry. The Florence police chief says Berry was talking to paramedics — a good sign — and is being treated in Huntsville. Berry was shot at Cloverdale Road and Cox Creek Parkway during an encounter with 22 year old Matthew McCravy. Berry returned fire but McCravy sped off. He was chased by officers. McCravy stopped in the parking of the the Church of Christ where he shot himself to death. The state bureau of investigation is handling the case.

Wild West Shootout In Gadsden

It was like a wild west gunfight according to witnesses. About ten young men started shooting at each other yesterday afternoon on 18th Ave Southeast in Gadsden. Witnesses say the two groups were running and shooting at each other as they moved between houses. The shooting started in the East Acres housing project. Decatur Police nabbed one guy who was hiding under a house on Chestnut. When it all began, Head Start kids had just been let-out, amazing that no one was hit. Police are looking for the shooters.

Brother And Sister Accused Of Murder

A brother and sister have been charged with murder. They’re accused of shooting man to death in the parking lot of a gas station in Fairfield. Barbara Washington and her brother Vincent charged Saturday in the death of Adarius Elon Williams.

Vincent Washington was also wounded in the incident and is hospitalized but will be locked-up when he’s released.

The victim, Adarius Williams, was shot several times, his body found at Citgo station on Friday. And he was killed just one day after his 28th birthday. Police say the killing is the result of a long dispute — and may even be tied to another murder. But no other details given.

State Senate Moving To Help Hire Felons

State Senate will now take-up a bill that’s supposed to help convicted felons get jobs. A Senate committee has ok’d the law, which would stop employers from asking about felony convictions on the initial application form. Though, if the company does a background check, the information would still be revealed. But the idea is that if a felon is not eliminated right out of the gate — he may have a better shot at an interview and a job.

Effort Underway To Impeach Bentley

Trying to impeach the governor. A House Republican introduced a resolution to impeach Robert Bentley over the sex-scandal with his former top advisor. Bentley admits to everything but actual sex. But some lawmakers, including the leader of the Senate, have doubts about throwing Bentley out of office. Senate President Pro Tem Del Marsh says he is against impeaching Bentley over what he called “personal issues.” if there’s no proof that he misused tax money or failed to do his job as governor.

Fort Payne Officer Killed In Wreck

Fatal wreck in Fort Payne — killed a corrections officer with the Fort Payne Police Department. It happened in the middle of the night Sunday. 23 year old Cody Wells ran off Highway 85, flipped over and hit a tree. Wells was not buckled in — he died at the scene. He had only been at the police department since last November. His funeral is Thursday.

Two Teens Busted For Drugs In Gadsden

Two teens arrested at a house on Gwindale road in Gadsden for possession of pot and heroin. Officers got a tip about what was going on at the house — so, they knocked — and could easily smell weed. Police say they found 19 year old Autumn Haywood of Rainbow in a bedroom smoking a joint. Also arrested, 19 year old Dalton Loconto. Besides marijuana and heroin, officers also found a shotgun. The two teens locked up on bonds of $3,500 each.

Prison Time For Twisted Soccer Coach Sex Caper

30 years in prison for David Barrow. He was sentenced yesterday. He’s the former soccer coach at Guntersville High — charged with human trafficking — by molesting two young girls and paying another woman to get the girls involved in sexual activity. The District attorney said this is one of the worst cases he’s ever handled.