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Morning Crew

North East Alabama’s #1 way to start the day!

Barry Galloway – barry@wqsb.com
Linda Conner – linda@wqsb.com

barry lindabarrylinda


 Mid-days with Mike Alan


Mike Alan- mike@wqsb.com

Mike Alan


 Afternoons with Rod Sisco


Rod Sisco – rodsisco@wqsb.com

“Kick back and let us make the drive home a little easier…”


Nights with Blake Green

7 pm – 12 (midnight)

blake green

From Hokes Bluff Alabama, I woo women with my ability to pat my head while rubbing my belly simultaneously. Critics worldwide swoon over my original line of corduroy evening wear. Some might call me a shredded cheese authority. How many push-ups can I do? The answer is all of them. I can kill two stones with one bird, and I sing in the shower with breath-taking intonation.


Scott “The Hammer” Hatley

Scott “The Hammer” Hatley – wqsb@aol.com

Weekdays Midnight til 6 a.m.